Jason Sherwin, Ph.D.


Recent Lecture:

10th Annual NYSPA Symposium: The Business of Health, May 13, 2014, Soho House, NYC

Recent Radio Interview:

The Artsy Fartsy Show, WBAI, 99.5FM, NYC

As a scientist, engineer, musician and writer, Jason has made his mark as a professional in a diverse set of activities, all the while finding the overlap between these endeavors. Now, as research faculty at Columbia University, U.S. Army Research Laboratory Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Managing Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, Jason continues to contribute to the field of neural engineering, while keeping his other interests in close proximity (Click here for latest Curriculum Vitae).

His latests scientific and engineering writings can be found on the Writings page:

For more improvisational writings on a variety of topics in music, politics and science, and Blog posts with links to science webinars Jason has done, you can visit his Blog, Quantum Fluctuations:

As an active musician, first in Chicago, then Atlanta and now in New York City, Jason has played dozens of concerts around the world. Working first as a pianist, Jason composed and recorded works in the classical tradition, some of which can be found on the Music page:

On the Music page, you will also find links to his latest electronic music works (electro-classicism, as he calls the genre) and a single from a dance pop project he did with singer, Tara Notvest, called “Listen to Her Body”. All works are under the name “Binary”:

While in Atlanta, Jason formed the indie blues rock band, The Conditionals, and reformed the group in New York City, starting in September 2010. Links to them on social media and other outlets can be found here:

Other videos of interest and a clip from a documentary featuring Jason can be seen here:

Jason still entertains requests for pianist and compositional bookings, so please see the Music Bookings link to get in touch (Science/Engineering Lecture Bookings also here):

Finally, for a full listing of performance credentials, visit the Performances page:

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