Scientific Works


Leveraging Neural Systems in the Post-Factum Analysis of Complex Systems

(Chapter in Systems Engineering: Practice and Theory, ed. B. Cogan, published March 2012)

A Computational Approach to Achieve Situational Awareness from Limited Observations of a Complex System

(released May 2010)


Experience does not equal expertise in recognizing infrequent incoming gunfire: Neural markers for experience and task expertise at peak behavioral performance

(published February 2015)

Pre-stimulus functional networks modulate task performance in time-pressured evidence gathering and decision-making

(published January 2015)

Correlating speaker gestures in political debates with audience engagement measured via EEG

(published November 2014)

Musical experts recruit action-related neural structures in harmonic anomaly detection: Evidence for embodied cognition in expertise

(published November 2013)

Soldiers and Marksmen Under Fire: Monitoring Performance with Neural Correlates of Small Arms Fire Localization

(published March 2013)

You Can’t Think and Hit at the Same Time: Neural Correlates of Baseball Pitch Classification

(published December 2012)

Towards an Integrated Approach to Perception and Action: Conference Report and Future Directions

(published April 2011)

A Computational Approach to Situational Awareness: A Follow-up on the Details

(published March 2011)

A Survey of Issues in Computational Situational Awareness: The Case of Network-centric Warfare  

(published October 2010)

An Approach Towards Holism in Science and Engineering

(published September 2010)

A Computational Approach to Situational Awareness

(published March 2010)

Towards an Intelligent Automotive System

(published April 2009)

Strategic Decision-Making Support for AFRL Space Demonstrator Effort

(published January 2008)


Parameter Optimization of Logistic Regression Classifiers

presented at the Organization for Computational Neuroscience 2013 (Paris, France)

Simultaneous EEG/fMRI Reveals Spatiotemporal Correlates of Baseball Pitch Recognition

presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2013 (Seattle, WA, USA)

A System for Measuring the Neural Correlates of Baseball Pitch Recognition and Its Potential in Scouting and Player Development

presented at the MIT Sloan and ESPN Sports Analytics Conference 2013 (Boston, MA, USA)

Neural Signatures of Rapid Recognition of a Baseball Pitch: Spatio-temporal Evidence Accumulation Under Time-Pressure

presented at the Society for Neuroscience 2012 (New Orleans, LA, USA)

Professional Instrumentalists Excel at Musical Anomaly Detection: Possible Evidence for Embodied Cognition from Single-trial EEG Discrimination

presented at the Bernstein Conference 2012 (Munich, Germany)

Expectation Violation from Single-trial EEG Decoding: Differences Between Expert and Novice Cellists

presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2012 (Beijing, China)

Single-trial EEG Decoding of Pitch-change in American Popular Music

presented at the Society for Neuroscience 2011 (Washington, DC, USA)

Tracking Learning of Change in American Popular Music Using Single-Trial EEG Decoding,

presented at the BC11: Computational Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Bernstein Conference & Neurex Annual Meeting 2011 (Freiburg, Germany)

Hierarchical Temporal Memory Algorithms for Understanding Asymmetric Warfare,

presented at the 2009 IEEE Aerospace Conference (Big Sky, MT, USA)

Probabilistic Design of a Planetary Defense System

presented at the 2007 Planetary Defense Conference (Washington DC, USA)

Statistical Theory of Storytelling (click here for poster slides)

presented at the 2006 International Biometrics Conference (Montreal, CA)


Love: A Neuroscientific Lark

Redflower.com Special Piece, 2013

BioCareers Blog

Contributing Writer, 2010-present

Mobile Telecommunications: Health Effects and Special Incentives

Nunn-MacArthur Security Fellowship Study, 2009

Literary Works


“Instead of the bars, it’s Mars” (published in the Chicago Tribune, April 2006)

A Parable on Space Flight

21st Century Chopping Block

Elevator Music

Sympathetic Vibrations (published in Performing Artists Inc., December 2007)


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